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One less game to play

There's never any way to begin these posts with something interesting every day is often more boring than the last unless your job involves physical activities at least there's a risk here as a graphic designer the only trouble is an irrelevancy, which I am already under, it is going to be years until I can grow that plant into a tree.

Currently, my skill level is not on an advanced level, my desire to continuously develop new ideas that come to mind, these can often be random, or it can come off as inspiration from a visual, sound or smell. Today I went outside in the morning (sometimes this home feels like a curse) for researching a future meeting location. What struck me was how the planned route on google maps (praise be onto our google overlords) was an L design neat.

After getting back home, I proceeded to get a nap from sixteen to four-thirty usually are at three hours, but I knew I wasn't going to get my sleep after waking up so to complete my day, I looked at playing Heavy Rain. Sonys experiment into how close a game can turn into a cinematic experience to both plays and watch a film I'm sure I'll have future thoughts on this one day.

It felt off, but the experience was compelling, I was gritting my teeth at a particular sequence just mashing the buttons. Heavy Rains a short game 10 hours and I ended up finishing the game in one sitting- though I did start months earlier- what issues I experienced were minor: freezing, prompts not indicating not loading to next scene when my character died I reloaded as I didn't want to get the bad ending.

I loved seeing how David Cage and his team experimented with this project it worked out here, and the story is compelling as you play as Ethan, Madison and Norman unravelling the mystery of the Origami killer before the next victim dies. The game play involves quick time events to achieve a prompt as it indicates on-screen press R2 to strip dance what have you. Which can get annoying when it comes to moving your controller up, down, left and right in a hurried motion, especially in longer duration.

This city is dangerous; there aren't that many people you can trust. I liked the soundtrack, but when it comes to presentation, I found the earlier game models a bit strange or unintentionally hilarious at moments or with a specific sequence where you have to feed a baby milk ha. It was an enjoyable game, and the ending made me feel manipulated, which I would not say I liked buts that's for another time.

Got to love how a reflection to my actions in the day end with a partial review of Heavy rain maybe in future ill look into this game which is worth the play through to get a better understanding.

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