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Game of Thrones Season 8 - what a Disappointment

I remember in May that there being discussions online over the latest and final season of Game of Thrones, which was dissatisfying a sentiment shared. When watching an interview from two GOT actors, an Italian friend wants to know what I thought of the last season, I could not think of any positives aside from the presentation and visual effects. In University my peers were poking holes into the inconsistencies of the season, citing the lighting of the battle of Winterfell and so on as the episodes came out it was hard not to be drawn in.

Watching season 8 again, I get the impression that the showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss just wanted to end the understandable show, this is speculations of course but its clear to me that it was rushed. I can't think of any other reason why you would like the entire production to justify the inconsistencies and absence of logic and poor execution that are highlighted in various episodes this season which I found a frustrating.

This isn't just season 8 I could see that even season 7 suffers from this towards its end, showcased when john gathers a select number of fan favourite men to go over the wall to acquire a dead zombie bring it to the queen to convince her of a cease-fire. Which is convoluted and fan serving at worst.

Game of Thrones was engaging when exploring the relationships between characters, exploring the history and showing the consequences in the world of Westeros. But this seasons It felt convenient. For instance, I thought that the Showrunners had a checklist of things that needed to happen this season.

All of the plots lines had to be finished when cramming so much into one season you sacrificing so much potential growth with multiple seasons, in the end, it became more spectacle than the realistic expectations.

I honestly feel that this season is a betrayal of what Game of Thrones was. There were a lot of moments when watching the show I asked why I was confused at the and the baffling choices that these characters would make. Here are a few examples:

· Denarius risking herself on dragon even though here dragon had died previously

· Her dragon dying getting shot with accuracy by three bolts _SUPER EFFECTIVE-

· Tyrion not getting shot by CERCIE


· ARYA not killing Cerice

· JAME SUDDEN CHARAC- Random character turn -I don't charge about people innocent or otherwise

· Jon killing denarius

· Sansa betraying Jon

· Bran becoming King

· Bronn becoming lord of his garden, no agreement by a letter he just walks up threatens both men punch on to the nose and leaves with another threat.

· North claiming independence from the seven kingdoms, won't that speak other realms to declare independence

· The Dothraki not killing Jon

· The unsullied not killing Jon

And probably more, this is just a small list of strange things. I wish the showrunners, actors and all involved good fortune on their next venture, but I felt disappointment here at the lost potential that this final of Game of Thrones could have had.

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