• Zain Dib

A slow but rewarding day

I find it easier when writing my thoughts here to you or more accurately to me to say the words out loud as I'm typing them, it's a strange comfort so if this blog comes off like a peculiar rant you'll have to excuse me its how I write I suppose.

I could go into how my area is quiet in response to COVID 19 since not many locals are affected by the virus the most this virus has done to me is take the energy out of graduating, made me wear a silly mask so that I could enter specific stores and instil a paranoia of being out in public.

I have always stayed at home, I enjoy creating graphics, reading, playing or just watching movies, but with this virus there really is more of a priority to stay more at home whilst searching for employment especially with me not being able to gather friends at home and enjoy their company with a good movie. Oh, what a depressing situation that I find my self in, I think that its healthy to write down my thoughts to you, but I think I'm writing more for myself, as there are advantages to positing blogs since I have this portfolio website all to my self it's just been there I might as well make the most of it.

Recently I saw this youtube artist by the name of Marco Bucci I've been watching different artistic videos for inspiration I suppose. However, I find that I can take educational value out of these videos to learn new tricks of the software, I have always loved photoshop, and in this video, Marco goes into detail to showcase an experiment where he a colourless experiment, I followed the steps he indicated.

I must say the results speak for them selfs the composition that I had with the human face as it was developing I keep going with it and falling win a beautiful hole where I did not want to come out I wanted to continue painting, it was the most fun I had with a design in ages, and the colours being off made me anticipate how it would turn out for each human head. Different colour pallets were used for variety, I have pride in what I was able to accomplish with the Marcos Bucci video.

Aside from that, I completed my day with some exercise and sorting out my file directory, as In my early years an artist I had created multiple projects that I lacked the nerve to follow through with. Which I do feel that I owe my self the opportunity to continue where I left off with these animations or comics, as there is still potential to be realized on these projects. so in the last hours of the day, I was moving, replacing and simplifying the folders and images for better organisation for the Seagate hard drive.

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