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The weather keeps getting colder and colder, significantly more challenging in the mornings. However, it's not as cold when compared to Canada or Russia, though I prefer taking a shower in Quetta than in London.

Yesterday wanted to begin organising my brushes to see which one was best for me as there were too many brushes that were redundant or I just never used. So, I started testing every one of these brushes and deleting the rest eventually creating a folder for my favourite.

The day before that. I finally got to completing Resistance Fall of Man the first PlayStation 3 game that I played; I remember when I was younger around 12, I'd say. I was at a family friends house, and I got access to his sons PlayStation. Back then the PlayStation was this Nextgen appealing piece of hardware it looked amazing much more significant than what I had back home which was a PlayStation 2 (That doesn't play as much anymore), I got to play it. I was good played enough to the part that hale gets infected. But playing resistance as a grown man, the magic has left, and what once seemed to be a fantastic game, presentation and great controls now seem dull, dirty and lacklustre in controls.

The game is set in England, and Europe has fallen to the Chimera, an alien species that immediately conjures images of Nazi Germany during the 1930s, I can't remember much of the plot or the characters aside from Hale (who is generic as they come), as much of the story I found tedious, the presentation is always changing, dull and brown in the beginning but bright and blue at the end. It's reminiscent of England during wartime. However, going through for the majority of the time, you'll be seeing a lot of muddy colours that nail that this is war, and it can become lifeless.

The character designs for the Chimera creatures come in a variety with different behaviour which was nice. However, you'll mostly be fighting henchmen, but later on, the level design begins changing going from towns in England, roving the county side and being in an alien spaceship. The cutscenes animations look good and hold up well, the character animations are quick and to the point which I enjoyed.

With gameplay, this is a first-person shooter which offers a variety of weapons w with secondary features: grenade launchers, turrets and exploding balls which is one of the highlights - getting to experiment with all these weapons in different combat scenarios- is quite engaging and never gets old which I loved.

Although this game has not aged well in gameplay, you can't aim down sight with most of the guns, to aim you have to press R3 on the controller instead of traditional R1. Not to mention the number of checkpoints in the levels is lacking, once I got to a particular stage and died, I'd restart from the beginning of the level or sequence, this is frustrating and tedious. During the beginning of a level I died 6-10 tines as I did not know what to do for a specific alien boss where I then found out that you have to aim at his back which the game didn't tell me. His game features the use of vehicles to either drive from location to location to location using your car or slaughtering Chimera using their own vehicle weapons using the turret which while refreshing could become repetitive.

I did not enjoy this game as I would have liked, I what I found entertaining when I was younger, I find lacking as an adult.

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