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I am well-seasoned in using photoshop  for nine years to create my digital graphics, image manipulation and my past art. 


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I animate on adobe flash from time to time;  recently I started creating a series of short rotoscoped animations



I used after effects solely for Motion design and animation when rigging 2D characters for a 20-second animation.



I learnt to model, texture and animate characters in Autodesk Maya for three years whilst I was in University.


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I am still new to sculpting in Zbrush however,

I have quickly seen the benefits of using the software for character design projects.




I’ve used substance painter for two years, I’ve used the software to coloured and texture my security guard model as part of a game.

character development process

Global Game Jam 2021

In late January, I participated in a game jam as the lead artist for the game's visuals and contributed to the 3D models. It was a rewarding experience, and I got to network with talented peers I synchronised to finish the game on time. The game was called Duck trip, the goal of the game was for the player to reach the owner, but this was cut due to time constraints.

5 Education


BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for ICT Practitioners

Pearson BTEC LEVEL 2 Diploma in IT, 60, 08/2014 - 07/2015

BTEC Extended Diploma LVL 3, upon availability, 08/2018

Graduated with Triple Distinction

Games Animation, Modelling and Effects - BSc (Hons)


Digital Design and Image Making - 73%

Game Design - 83%

Advanced 3D Modelling and Animation - 65%

Games Asset Development - 72%

Creative Technology Project- 76%

Graduated Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours

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"Zain was always punctual and actively seeked to aid the students in class with issues they might have. He did this by offering technical advice on the use of software tools (e.g. Maya), practical advice from his experience or by alerting me that a student required my attention. Overall, I am satisfied with Zain's performance as a success coach in my classes."

Manfredo Meraviglia / senior lecturer in the School of Computing and Digital Media, 

Zain carried out his duties precisely, with a positive attitude. He completed all his shifts and worked incredibly well with other colleagues. He easily picked up the key messages and was always clear and direct with students in a way that helped them understand how to complete the tasks that have been set for them.

Conor Murray-Gauld / Student Engagement Manager

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